Custom Dock Lift for Stage Receiving

December 07, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Advance Lifts Builds Custom Dock Lift

A theater needed a way to unload performance groups’ trucks to the stage level.  The stage landing is 13 feet 8 inches above grade and the height and size of the trucks varies greatly.   This custom high travel dock lift allows them to safely traverse the height difference.

Advance Lifts Builds Custom Dock Lift

This dock lift is a 3000 series lift modified for a higher travel of 11'2".  The platform is 8ft wide by 16ft long on the building side, and 15ft long on the opposite side.  The front of the platform is angled to help accommodate the space needed for trucks to back up to it. This building is used for theatrical, musical, dance, and other events and the purpose for the lift is to unload trucks to the stage level. The lift is in a raised pit and rests at 30" off the ground for accessing the various sized trucks used by the performance groups.  The lift is surrounded by a 3 sided enclosure using the building as the 4th side.  To make this work logistically, a special door interlocking system was required.  The door can open as long as the lift is within a given range to meet any size truck.  The lift can only be operated by personnel on the lift and can only be accessed from the stage level.  This was requested by the customer for both for logistical and safety concerns.  Landing locks are used to facilitate storing the lift at the upper stage position.  Other safety devises include the bi-parting gates with interlocks and a custom handrail configuration.

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