Coxreels Upgraded Multi-Lobe Seals

February 11, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Coxreels is proud to announce a seal upgrade to the nitrile 1.5” and 2” inline swivels with advanced multi-lobe sealing technology. 

Multi-Lobe Seals

The enhanced seals are designed to maximize seal integrity, improve overall seal performance, and maximize seal life. In-depth testing has shown that the performance of the multi-lobe seals exceeds that of the standard O-ring, cup, and T-seals for large capacity fluid handling and high volume delivery in both high and low pressure applications. Additionally, the new seal geometry has a better resistance to compression set, which is a leading cause of premature seal failure.
Coxreels® has remained steadfast and focused on manufacturing high quality professional grade hose, cord, and cable reels since 1923. Offering a full product line serving the industry in every channel and application, Coxreels® takes great pride in designing, building, and supporting all of their products right here in the U.S.A.
For further information on the Coxreels® upgraded multi-lobe seals, contact Customer Service at (800) 269-7335 or visit
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