Vertical Baler Enables Laos Recycling Company to Ship 10X More!

November 08, 2017 - "Press Releases"


A Success Story – Mouang Khong Environmental Group

This past year, the Mouang Khong Environmental Group from Ban Khinak, in the Champasak Province of Laos, identified a need to reduce waste hauling fees related to their recycling efforts.  Mouang Khong Environmental recycles large quantities of cardboard, PET bottles, mixed plastics, aluminum cans, and various metals. Harmony Enterprises worked with the company to find a Vertical Baler that has exceeded their expectations.

Finding a Vertical Baler to Fit their Needs

In order to save space in each truckload and reduce the total amount of monthly waste hauling trips, they contacted Harmony Enterprises for help finding a solution.  They needed a vertical baler that was powerful enough to create uniform bales of various materials (cardboard, PET bottles, mixed plastics, aluminum cans, and various metals), while using a relatively small operational footprint.  A vertical baler with these parameters would not only help them save money, it would ensure that their recycling work area remained clean, sanitary, and safe for the workers.

The Harmony M30HD Vertical Baler was the perfect solution to this growing company’s needs.  With a ram force of over 41,000 lbs., this gem of a baler is easy and safe to operate.  It’s fast cycle time, high capacity loading, and energy efficient motor allow it to run at low operating costs for longer periods of time.


The Baler Increased their Efficiencies Times Ten!

Craig Hoffman, owner of Mouang Khong Environmental states, “Yesterday was the first day I operated it (the M30HD) and it works great!  We did a thick walled PET water bottle yesterday.  I could not believe how many bags got compressed into one bundle.  We then did two loads of cardboard with good results.  Today we are doing mixed plastic and then clear plastic PET bottles.”

Not only does this owner recognize the efficiency of the M30HD Vertical Baler and its ease of operation, but also the impact it has had on the company’s bottom line.

“We are able to transport about 10 times the amount of product in each truck!  We obviously were shipping a lot of air before we started to compact.  This saves us a lot of money,” Hoffman said.

The Mouang Khong Environmental group has Experienced Harmony in their waste and recycling efforts.  Completely satisfied with the recycling equipment, solution, and service they received in the business partnership, Mr. Hoffman summarized, “It was a very good investment and I want to thank Harmony for making a good product and working with us through the process.”


Innovative Global Solutions for Recycling & Waste Handling

Waste and recycling problems are issues that confront businesses all over the world.  The need for companies to minimize labor and equipment costs in these areas is not limited by geographic location.

For nearly half a century, Harmony Enterprises has prided itself on its ability to meet the needs of customers around the globe.  What may be an innovative solution for one client may not serve the immediate needs of another.  Harmony strives to fill its customer’s need gap with the most affordable, durable, and efficient equipment solution available on the market.

Harmony Enterprises manufactures balers, compactors, beverage extraction, and full product destruction equipment.  They consistently create a true partnership approach with their customers while providing innovative waste and recycling solutions on a global scale.  If you would like to learn more about Harmony or its complete line of quality products and services, please call us at 800-658-2320, or Contact Us today!


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