Conveyor Components Company Reduces Material Carryback

January 30, 2013 - "Press Releases"

A manufacturer and bulk processor of soda ash had the problem of material carryback.

This caused clogs and unwanted material drop-off. As a solution, the company used the

BR brush style conveyor belt cleaner created by the Conveyor Components Company.

The carryback and drop-off of the soda ash was significantly reduced after the installation

of the conveyor belt cleaner.

The economical price of the BR cleaner was able to help the factory see significant

savings in a variety of levels, including cost, clean-up time, and material loss.

The conveyor operators and maintenance crews were pleased with the quality and

effectiveness of the cleaner produced by the Conveyor Components Company.

For more information about the BR cleaner or the Conveyor Components Company, visit the Conveyor Components Company Profile.

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