Boiler Runs Flawlessly for More Than Two Decades of Simulated Operation

May 23, 2019 - "Press Releases"

Fulton Heating Solution, Inc. , is proud to announce the latest milestone in reliability/durability testing for its game-changing condensing boiler line, the Endura+  (EDR+) . 
In laboratory testing, an EDR+ 3000 recently reached 155,000 ignition cycles – running flawlessly through more than 20 years’ worth of ignition events. Fulton believes that this method of reliability/durability testing is unique to the industry, and sets a new benchmark for boiler reliability/durability validation. 
Conditions during the testing cycle included sealed combustion to vary inlet air temperature and connection to a pump skid to create variances in water temperature. Gas pressure was also modulated to create a wide range in supply pressures. In aggregate, the regularly altered testing variables simulated a range of installation environments. 
Said Tom Tighe, Senior R&D Systems Engineer, “We put an EDR+ 3000 through a series of tests designed to make sure it maintained performance through all running conditions – against more than 20 years worth of wear and tear – and it met or exceeded all our milestones and expectations for reliability and durability.” 
While many popular commercial heating products have common lifespans of less than 10 years, Fulton believes – with good reason, based on real data – that the EDR+ will cause a paradigm shift within the commercial heating industry. 
To learn more about the Endura+ product line, please visit our website. 
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