Admix Launches New Enhanced Services

August 08, 2016 - "Press Releases"

As a world class mixing technology leader, Admix has relaunched several enhanced programs aimed at setting the pace for unsurpassed service in the sanitary mixing industry, both before and after the sale. Admix continues to invest resources into its value-added services, enabling its customers to test new ingredients, formulas and applications in a variety of ways offering maximum flexibility and cost savings.

Admix Launches New Enhanced Services

Complimentary lab testing of recipes and formulas – Admix continues to innovate in its core markets by offering free testing in its pilot test labs located in Londonderry, NH and Allerød, Denmark. Veteran applications engineers work across countless ingredients, applications, and processes to prove the value and efficiency of Admix mixing technology. A new feature video spotlights the U.S. lab and manufacturing facilities and can be seen

Robust trial program – Enhanced to include all of its products available for a 14-day trial, the Admix extended trial inventory includes the emulsifiers, wet mills, powder induction systems, and high shear mixers. The program offers an aggressive Try & Buy incentive, whereby processors are able to apply prorated trial fee credits to final unit prices.

On-site product demonstrations – Throughout the U.S. and Europe, Admix representatives are available to conduct on-site product demonstrations of the Rotosolver pilot unit, and in some locations, the DynaShear inline emulsifier and Fastfeed powder induction system. In addition, Admix backs up any purchase with a process assurance warranty, ensuring reliable, repeatable results.

Aftermarket support and field services – Service after the sale is a standard that Admix has invested heavily in for 2016. Along with a comprehensive spare parts program, the Admix field service team offers priority scheduling for customer audits along with implementation of preventative service programs.

Quick Ship program for flagship products – Rounding out this package is the Quick Ship program featuring the DynaShear inline emulsifier and the Rotomixx portable low shear agitator, which can ship within 14 days of order receipt. These mixers are stainless steel, clean-in-place, 3-A compliant, and constructed with FDA-approved materials.

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