Accuchiller TSE Central Chiller Now Available with Dynamic Lift Technology

October 01, 2018 - "New Product Release"



As part of our continuous product improvement and innovation process, we are pleased to announce a significant update to our central chiller control systems with the addition of Dynamic Liftcontrol technology developed by our team of expert engineers. Dynamic Lift technology continuously calculates the lowest allowable refrigerant pressure for any combination of operating conditions to maximize chiller energy savings as well as provide more stable and smooth control of refrigerant pressure, especially under varying load and condenser inlet temperatures.This technology also adds direct control of remote condenser fans or condenser water regulating valves for added savings.

On average customers will find there is a 25% reduction on part-load total chiller energy use at a 50°F set point.Bob Smith, Director,Product Developmentat Thermal Care added, “we can help our customers evaluate their own potentialenergy savings with any Thermal Carecentral chillerseriesusing our Chiller Energy Program. Customers are usually pleasantly surprised by the positive results.

”Based in Niles, IL, Thermal Care is a leading developer and manufacturer of custom heat transfer systems and equipment, serving more than 50 industries. In addition to product lines that include portable and central chillers, cooling towers, pump reservoirs, and temperaturecontrollers, Thermal Care adds the experience and engineering knowledge to develop and execute plant-wide cooling solutions.





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