AGVs Increases Reliability and Process Flow for Commercial Print Company

January 09, 2020 - "Company News"



A premier full-service provider of commercial print services wanted to bring their minimally automated material handling to a new level. 

They decided to implement a custom automatic transportation system that integrated 4 automated laser-guided vehicles. The goal was to automate the safe transportation of various load types to a range of processes within the plant. The company felt a custom automation solution was needed to carry the load securely and to remain ahead of the competition while reducing costs.


Laser-Guided Vehicles Provide Accuracy and Increased Reliability

New laser-guided vehicles (LGVs) were installed to replace hand and motorized pallet trucks to move loads from station to station accurately and reliably. The LGVs receive requests from operator call buttons. The LGV is a Fork-Style Load Clamp vehicle that picks up the loads from conveyors with different orientations, time after time.

Load Clamp Offers Flexibility

Products are not bound throughout the system, so the vehicle includes a clamp to keep materials stabilized. The LGV stops prior to approaching the conveyor, orients itself to the conveyor, and then picks up the unbound materials. In addition, items moved by the LGV system include real time monitoring and tracking of loads to ensure accuracy. The result was a comprehensive solution for a 24- hour, 7-days a week operation that is in a highly competitive market.

Features and Benefits

  • Consistent handling of product
  • Increased material handling efficiency
  • Increased flexibility and reliability of transportation
  • Increased vehicle speeds through load stability
  • Secure transportation of loads


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