5 Industries That Can Use Fibertech's Commercial Rolling Laundry Trucks

July 19, 2016 - "Press Releases"

At Fibertech Inc. we pride ourselves on the durable, convenient, and quality products we design and manufacture through custom rotational molding. From plastic pallets to bulk containers, rotomolding is a unique four-stage process that uses heat and resin to create high-quality plastic products that can range in size from small to incredibly large.

Due to its practicality and versatility, plastic rolling laundry trucks are one of the most popular items. Laundry trucks are not motorized vehicles in the least, but are containers that are built to hold and transport articles of clothing in commercial-type settings where significant amounts of laundry are being done on a regular basis.

Whether you're an outside company that's hired to clean a business’s laundry, or a business looking to keep the task in-house, here are five industries that can benefit from our laundry trucks for convenience and efficiency.

  • Hospitals: Hospitals go through an incredible amount of laundry on a daily basis for obvious sanitary reasons. Because of the vast size of a typical hospital, you need to have an efficient way to maneuver the busy hallways to pick up dirty scrubs from all the different floors and wings. Our rolling plastic laundry carts are the perfect answer.
  • Universities: Schools and universities are also institutions that regularly see their fair share of dirty laundry. Athletic teams alone will generate enough laundry to keep most businesses busy. Since schools keep these functions in-house many times, these laundry carts are a great investment for athletic directors. They can help maintain locker rooms, which can turn into a mess quickly.
  • Hotels & Resorts: Traditional maid dollies are just not efficient enough when it comes to collecting laundry on the scale required by big hotels and resorts. You can easily eliminate the need for multiple trips with our 48″ x 28-1/2″ x 69″ laundry trucks.
  • Supermarkets: You may not realize it, but many supermarkets are now utilizing these products in their prepared and fresh meat departments, where employees are required to wear clean shirts and aprons provided for them.
  • Pick-Up & Delivery Services: Finally, one of the most common places we see our laundry trucks being used is by private businesses that are hired by companies, like the ones mentioned above, to collect and provide cleaning services. Approximately 3.2 million people were employed in the cleaning services industry in the U.S. in 2013.

Whether you're a cleaning company or an institution that wants to make the laundry cleaning process easier and more efficient for your own employees, you can learn more about our laundry trucks.

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