Detroit Radiants’ Re-Verber-Ray® Infrared Heaters Offer Efficient Heating for Several Applications

February 19, 2013 - "Capabilities "

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A solution for decreasing the cost of heating large buildings like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, storerooms or other immense structures, can be found in infrared radiant heating. Independent studies show that, compared to forced-air heating, infrared heating can save 20 to 50% on fuel consumption while also enhancing comfort levels in the area.

These infrared systems imitate the sun’s efficiency as they generate radiant heat energy, which is absorbed by the floor, people, and machinery- basically, anything in its path. Instead of filling a room with hot air, which can be lost when a door is opened, this heat source begins at the floor rather than the ceiling. Objects, such as the floor, retain the heat energy created by infrared heaters. This means that the floor then acts as a huge heat sink, heating the surrounding air.

In addition to reducing energy consumption and utility bills, radiant heaters offer several advantages not achievable with traditional heating systems. For instance, infrared heaters burn clean and put out low harmful emissions. The fact that heat energy is stored in objects means that the overall comfort level of the space is improved.  Air quality is also improved as air currents are not relied on to transfer heat, which decreases the circulation of chemical pollutants and hazardous particles. Infrared heaters are also easy to install, flexible and require little maintenance.

Visit the Detroit Radiant Products Company website today for more information about the Re-Verber-Ray®  infrared heater and other quality heating systems.



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