ZE Series Announcement

March 16, 2020 - "New Product Release"

Bloomingdale, IL: DieQua Corporation announces its new ZE Series from Zimm Screw Jack Systems with upgraded features that take Zimm’s already state-of-the-art screw jack to the next level. ZE, short for Zimm Evolution, represents the latest design features of their dynamic and proven screw jack platform.
Zimm continues to revolutionize the classic jack design into a highly engineered product. With consistent evaluation processes in place, their Research and Development team works to further advance Zimm screw jacks in quality and engineering. The new ZE Series serves as a perfect example of this process as well as Zimm's commitment to their customers.
ZE Features and Benefits:
  • Increased gearbox lubrication capacity allows for increased duty cycles
  • Reduced backlash from advanced worm gear design and machining techniques
  • Gearbox is oil compatible for increased duty cycles and higher speeds
  • Smoother body design for easier application of corrosion / paint protection and washdown
  • Smooth - top and bottom for increased heat dissipation
  • All sizes can be mounted in any position at full rated static load capacity
  • Compatibility with existing Z - Series sizes and accessories
Zimm Screw Jack Systems center around an electromechanical drive system, handling load capacities from just a few pounds to 100 tons and moving these loads, no matter what the size with precise positioning and accuracy.
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