Infrared Furnace For Composite Forming

February 08, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Infrared Heating Technologies recently designed, manufactured, tested, shipped, and installed, several medium wave electric infrared stack furnaces for pre-heating and forming carbon composites for the manufacture of aerospace parts. The process consists of pre-heating carbon composite material blanks prior to press forming. Each furnace chamber includes medium wave quartz tube heaters for heating from below and above the composite blank. A stainless steel structure internal to the furnace hearth is included for supporting the composite blank between the upper and lower heating elements during the heat cycle.  


The furnace stack system includes independent SCR control of top and bottom medium wave heaters, PID temperature controls, and factory mutual approved over temperature limit controls. Cooling fans are included for cooling the element ends and sides of the furnace structure. Optical temperature sensors are included for reading the temperature of the composite blank prior to removal from the furnace and placement into the forming press. All heater elements are accessible and easily changed from the outside of the furnace.

Stack Furnace

Infrared Heating Technologies manufactures a wide variety of custom heater, oven, and furnace systems for specific processes.  Heating technologies include short wave electric infrared, medium wave electric infrared, long wave infrared, electric convection, gas fired convection, Silicon Carbide, Rod Over-Bend (ROB), and others. Infrared Heating Technologies manufacturing facility is located at 2010 HWY 58, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, and all custom heater, oven, and control systems are manufactured in the USA. Call (865) 574-9784 to speak with an applications engineer or email with your specific machine and process requirements.


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