Anchor Harvey Expanding Medical Industry Forging Capabilities

November 19, 2020 - "Company News"

FREEPORT, ILL., APRIL 28, 2020 - Anchor Harvey, a leading Midwestern aluminum forging company with more than 30 years of experience forging products for the medical industry, has announced the expansion of the company’s medical industry forging capabilities to meet the increasing demand for emergency medical supplies in the wake of COVID-19.
As part of the expansion, Anchor Harvey is joining forces with businesses across the nation to provide the ability and expanded capacity to meet the growing needs of America’s medical suppliers, including further broadening its product offerings for this industry and proposing ways to modify its regulator valves for fire suppression (part of self contained breathing apparatuses) for ventilators and respirators.
“Leading medical technology providers, healthcare device manufacturers, and equipment suppliers for the nation’s first-responders have long relied on medical forgings from Anchor Harvey,” says Tom Lefaivre, President and CEO of Anchor Harvey. “Anchor Harvey has the industry experience and ability to propose modifications to our existing medical forged components for COVID-19 use, and we look forward to providing expanded capabilities for the medical industry.” 
With exacting attention to detail, Anchor Harvey’s components are recognized around the world for their impeccable craftsmanship — enhancing the quality-of-life for medical patients and ensuring peace-of-mind for medical professionals through forging for medical products from prosthetics and leg braces to hospital bed frameworks, hip stabilizers, and respirator valves for breathing apparatuses.
Anchor Harvey has been classified as an essential business during COVID-19 and is continuing to support the nation’s first-responders as well as the defense and medical industries. More information about Anchor Harvey’s emergency supply sourcing can be requested on our website.
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