The New Ashcroft® 2008S Panel Builder’s Pressure Gauge

September 03, 2013 - "New Product Release"

The new Ashcroft® Type 2008S panel builder’s gauge incorporates exclusive, field-proven performance features into a rugged, all welded front-flanged pressure gauge. The gauge dial measures 63mm in diameter and combines stainless steel wetted parts and case along with the patented PowerFlex™ spring suspended movement to ensure superior reliability and longevity. Liquid fill and PLUS! Performance™ are also available to dampen potential pointer bounce caused by vibration and pulsation.

The Ashcroft® 2008S is the high quality choice for monitoring pressures in a wide variety of installations, including oil and gas control panels.

Pressure Gauges

For more information, visit or call the Ashcroft ActionLine® at 800/328-8258.


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