Landing Locks ® are now Available for Mezzanine Lifts

August 26, 2014 - "New Product Release"

August 23, 2014

Advance Lifts is proud to introduce our new “Landing Lock” system, patent pending. This system is designed for customers who wish to have an extra level of security at elevated landing levels. The system consists of two hydraulically operated locking pins and two support columns. The locking pins are mounted on the platform corners adjacent to the upper level landing. When the platform arrives at the upper landing, the pins are engaged into the support columns supplied by Advance and must be fully engaged before the interlocked upper landing gate is allowed to open. The support columns are attached to the landing structure so the landing locks not only protect against unwanted settling or deflection, but also prevent sway problems during loading and unloading operations. This is another reason to choose Advance Rider Mezzanine Lifts to service your mezzanine.

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