Dalemark: Container Transporter

December 15, 2016 - "New Product Release"

Dalemark Releases Container Transporter

By Melissa Larson, Products Editor

Dalemark Industries has announced the introduction of the Model 825-TA container transporter; designed for in-line or off-line use, this transporter automatically conveys round, oval, rectangular or square plastic, glass, composite or metal containers.

Dalemark Releases Container Transporter

System moves smoothly to provide a stable platform for the integration of high resolution or continuous ink jet coders to provide date, lot, and other product identification codes to the top, bottom, or sides of the containers, at speeds up to 120 fpm.

System is all stainless steel and features adjustable height legs and adjustable width transport belts to accommodate a wide range of filled or empty containers. A variable speed controller allows easy speed matching to the customer’s production line.

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