Thermal Care Pump Systems Now Available with Advanced Controls

October 08, 2018 - "Press Releases"




As seen at NPE, Thermal Care is pleased to announce the second generation of our pump system controls offering users multi-task capabilities that can expand as their business grows. Now the industry’s most advanced controller can accommodate up to 15 pumps and 8 cooling towers, including VFDs for each, all without outside programming from the factory or new software required. “With 3 process zones, each with up to 4 fluid circuits, Thermal Care’s pump system controls are ready to grow with your plant”, said Bob Smith, Director of Product Management. Easy to navigate with its standard color touch screen, all the information needed to run your process is available at your fingertips for quick access and management of parameters including pumps and alarms. Smith also touted the “added benefit of being able to customize the names of all devices for easy identification on the HMI.”

Another great feature of this next generation of pump system controls is being CONNEX 4.0 ready. It can provide secure detailed system status information via a remote mobile device or computer with an internet connection for confidence your cooling process is running smoothly no matter where you are.

Based in Niles, IL, Thermal Care is a leading developer and manufacturer of custom heat transfer systems and equipment, serving more than 50 industries. In addition to product lines that include portable and central chillers, cooling towers, pump reservoirs, and temperature controllers, Thermal Care adds the experience and engineering knowledge to develop and execute plant-wide cooling solutions.

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