Autoquip Introduces AQ Connect

June 04, 2019 - "New Product Release"

Guthrie, OK, May 14, 2019 – Autoquip announces the introduction of AQ Connect, an intelligent control system available as an option across the entire Autoquip product line, and will become standard on new VRC products. The new AQ Connect intelligent design monitors equipment and self-diagnoses operational issues. It can also be programmed to perform a variety of tasks to integrate into your specific application and workflow. 
AQ Connect intelligent technology provides customers with the capability to monitor their equipment from a local or remote communication system, and be able to troubleshoot any issues in advance of the lift becoming non-operational.  Operators are notified of problems by status messages from a human machine interface (HMI).  “In the long run, investing in an Autoquip Lift with an AQ Connect intelligent panel will save our customers time and money by providing the right information, so they can diagnose and resolve the issues quickly with less downtime,” said Louis Coleman, Director of Sales & Marketing.  
In addition, Autoquip will begin offering a remote monitoring service contract through their web-based platform where their team can access customer’s information to reprogram or resolve problems on their behalf.  Customers also have access to their information through a dashboard to collect and analyze data. 
Features That Make AQ Connect Intelligent
Self-diagnostic Capabilities
Safety Alerts
Remote Monitoring & Reporting
Programmable Tasks
Built-In System Communication
An advantage of the AQ Connect control panel is the wide range of horsepower and voltage combinations available within one panel. 12+ different combinations for mechanical lifts, and covers all options for Hydraulic lifts. The panel design also includes I/O expansion slots for additional functionality.
To learn more about AQ Connect and other controls technology offered by Autoquip, please visit our website. 
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