Selecting A Chiller

February 12, 2018 - "Press Releases"

How to choose and size a chiller for an application?

One size does not fit all. Every application has unique cooling requirements, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as the process being cooled. To help size a chiller, a few questions should be answered:

  • Where do you want the heat to go?
  • What will you be absorbing heat with?
  • How clean is the fluid?
  • Reservoir, is it part of the process or in the chiller?
  • Pump, is it part of the process or in the chiller?
  • Will you need a portable, stationary, modular or split system?
  • Is it a critical application that would benefit from Redundancy?
  • Temperature Accuracy?
  • Special Process Needs?
  • Not Sure??? Don’t guess, ASK!

Use this chiller sizing caluctor by Glen Dimplex Thermal Soltions to estimate the nominal tonnage for your applications.

Where do you want the heat to go?

Heat does not magically disappear, it has to go somewhere! Knowing your environment is crucial when selecting a chiller. What type of condenser will the chiller need? Air Cooled or Water Cooled?

Look at your air circulation around the chiller. Will you need an outdoor unit? Chillers must have the space to have air in and also for air to go out and circulate. It is best to prevent warm air recirculation and condenser air starvation. 

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