Springfield Spring Corp. Honored for Open Book Management

January 30, 2013 - "Industry Insight"

Boston, MA December 21st, 2012— Springfield Spring Corporation was recently

honored as one of the innovative members of industrial manufacturing. The company

practices open book management, which allows employees on all levels to comment on

how they want the company to run in the future.

Springfield Spring Corporation has used this system successfully since 2001. President

Norman Rodriguez thought of using open book management because many employees

and potential customers want to see the financial history of a company before they start

a relationship with the company. Customers want to know that the company they start to

work with will be around over the next several decades, especially in these economically

uncertain times.

The company has had great success with the program, and the company has found

that supply chain disruption is vastly reduced when Open Book Management is

used correctly. For more information about Springfield Spring Corporation, visit

the Springfield Spring Corporation Profile.

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