Reverse Osmosis System from Bürkert Products

August 10, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Reverse Osmosis System from Bürkert Products

Bürkert components were used to build a reverse osmosis system suitable for desalination of industrial process water and drinking water. The aim was to demonstrate Bürkert’s competence in the development of custom system solutions and automation concepts on the basis of its own products and comprehensive expertise.

The system consists of a water circulation system for desalination of softened water. Permeate and condensate are pumped into a common collecting tank, and they are later removed as raw water. The water first passes through a 20 inch fine filter with a 5 µm filter cartridge, then desalinated in three membrane modules. A centrifugal pump with a frequency converter functions as a high-pressure pump, and an energy-efficient circulating pump with a frequency converter circulates the water. An ultra-quiet compressor provides the control air for the pneumatic valves.

The transportable device could be seen in action at IFAT, although Cyrus Ardjomandi, Segment Manager of Water at Bürkert, explained that the company is not planning to include reverse osmosis skids in its product spectrum. He added that it was intended to demonstrate Burkert’s capabilities and the spectrum of the many single solutions for water treatment in practical use.

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