Medical Strand Cable and Its Uses

August 15, 2014 - "Blog"

Did you know that Loos & Company sells stranded cable for the medical industry? Through our Medical Technologies Division, Loos & Company offers a variety of products specifically manufactured to the meet the high level of performance required in the medical industry.

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Our stranded products are used in a variety of applications including Endoscopy, Catheterizations, Orthodontics, and Orthopedics, among many others. What’s the similarity between all of these applications? They all require greater strength and/or flexibility than what is normally available through a single wire. With our experience and long history of proven medical cable performance, we’re able to provide products that exceed these requirements time and time again.

Part of our process is ensuring that our products meet medical industry standards—from inspection and traceability to performance and cleanliness. Over the last 50 years, we have honed our processes to focus on what matters—delivering the highest quality products which perform in the most critical conditions. Loos & Company’s medical cable is thoroughly checked and certified before it leaves the warehouse. That way, when it gets to you, you have no doubts whether or not the product will work.

Our medical grade stranded cable is available in sizes from .009” to .047” and in 302, 304, 304V, 316, and 316LVM Stainless Steel alloys. Some of the common constructions we manufacture include*:

  • 1x3
  • 1x7
  • 1x19
  • 7x7
  • 7x19

 *Specialty alloys and additional constructions are available upon request.

As a manufacturer, we are able to accommodate specific requests made by our customers. Most of the raw materials needed to manufacture a cable to your exact specification are kept in stock. If you have a specialized request, it is very likely we will meet your requirements. You can speak with a product manager today, or submit a medical inquiry below and we will get back to you immediately.



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