Considerations When Selecting iPolymer Chemical Resistant Solenoid Valves

April 15, 2019 - "Press Releases"

At iPolymer, we specialize in high purity valves and products for a wide-range of industries, from chemical processing facilities, to clean room applications. While we do provide standard types of valves, including various materials of construction, flow configurations and seat sealing methods, we also work directly with companies to create custom valves for unique applications.
Our line of chemical resistant solenoid valves is a great example of our options in products. We provide a range of different variables which can be selected in the valve types, with 6,000 possible configurations available. All of these valves are designed with PTFE as the surfaced for all wetted areas of the valve.
PTFE provides a highly durable, reliable and industry proven wetted surface area. Combining this with the different orifice seat options including Kalrez O-Ring, Viton O-Ring, Aflas O-Ring, or a PTFE hard seat, these valves are ideal for any type of media application where corrosion is a concern. In addition, the O-ring seat configurations are designed specifically for complex media applications or where vacuum applications are in use.
Features to Consider
Aside from the ability to customize the valves for your needs, or to design a unique valve for specific types of applications, there are several other features to consider in our chemical resistant solenoid valves.
All of our valves are designed to allow for positive flushing. They are also tested for liquid drip-tight seal shut-off. All of our standard chemical resistant solenoid valves come with a Continuous Duty cycle rated coil when the unit’s ambient temperature is actively controlled. This rating does consider the buildup of coil heat during the energized state which ranges from 3 second cycling (on/off) to 90 minute cycling (on/off).
Carefully designed and manufactured, our valves are built to stand up in a wide variety of very challenging working conditions. To find out more about our valves, call us today at 949-458-3731.
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