Rösler USA -Tips to Optimize Your Surface Finishing Process – Tip #3

September 14, 2016 - "Industry Insight"

Tip #3 – The need for processing trials

Of course, the selection of the right machine, media and compound can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Not only does a mass finishing user have to choose among a wide variety of machine types and sizes, they must also pick the right media from hundreds of media types, shapes and sizes. And on top of all this they must select the right compound and must ensure that the process water is not too hard or too soft. 

Rösler USA Provides a Third Tip for Surface Finishing

That’s why the choice of machine, media and compound should best be left to the experts. All major mass finishing equipment suppliers are maintaining test labs, where they can run all kinds of processing trials with the customer’s work pieces to develop the optimum finishing process (picture). And they are best qualified to choose the right equipment and consumables.

Considering the fact that mass finishing is highly empirical technology offering hundreds of equipment, media and compound choices, it is not surprising that over 95% of all equipment sales are preceded by processing trials at the equipment suppliers.

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