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April 16, 2013 - "Press Releases"

November 2012- Through a series of quality inspections and audits, PHT Vertex is successfully connected with the business channels of some Famous Manufacturers of Servo morot and Step Motors.

This is a milestone for products made by PHT Vertex. It also means our products are extensively accepted by Servo / Step Motors’ Manufacturers and to be viewed as a qualified manufacturer of planetary gear reducer in cooperating.

Depending on the cooperation with these Servo / Step Motors Manufactures Groups and the competitions with other Gear Reducer Manufacturers, Plantary Gear Reducer of PHT Vertex took advantage by its Quality Controlling System of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), especially for the 100% Quality Inspection, no matter for inside gears' accessories or the finalized Prerun Testing before arrived in front of customers' sides.

Being a manufacturer, we're not proud for the achievement to be worked with some famous and big companies, because what we only concern about is how to bring and care what customer actually need, and its main code existed in each employee of PHT Vertex.

For more information, please visit the Vertex Precision Components Corporation Website.

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