Chiller Designs Support Process Uptime

February 13, 2018 - "Press Releases"

Process Cooling Magazine recently shared an article written by Dimplex Thermal Solutions entitled “Chiller Designs Support Process Uptime.”

Imagine if there were no way to dissipate heat in manufacturing processes or food processing. The modern conveniences that we enjoy today would not exist.

Chillers are as essential to industrial products as the process equipment they cool. They protect valuable investments, products and plant infrastructure while keeping processes running at optimum efficiency.


Whether used to cool a process critical to delivering prRedundant Refrigeration System Built by Dimlplex Thermal Solutionsoduct on time to a major customer, or simply to avoid the costs and disruption resulting from equipment failure, a chiller delivers. Many options exist when selecting a chiller for your process-specific needs. Matching process expectations with the appropriate chiller design will help achieve the highest level of availability, commonly referred to as uptime.

Improve Chiller System Reliability

Reliability describes the ability of a system or component to function under stated conditions for a specified period. Intuitively, it is easy to understand that a product’s design, the quality of materials used and the care taken during the manufacturing process all influence the quality and reliability of the products we select.

Chillers are no different. If low cost components designed for relatively short lifespans are selected, then the reliability of the overall system will reflect those choices.

Read the entire article “Chiller Designs Support Process Uptime” in Process Cooling Magazine.

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