What is a Towing Dynamometer?

June 27, 2014 - "Company News"

A Towing Dynamometer (dyno) is an excellent tool to accurately apply a measured load to a vehicle and to simulate positive or negative slope while driving around a flat test track.  In form, it is a mechanized trailer that is towed behind the vehicle. The Towing Dyno uses an eddy current absorber linked to an axle system to absorb energy, which is measured by a load cell in the drawbar of the trailer.  Some Towing Dynamometer models are equipped with an eddy current absorber and an electric motor, which enables the dyno to push in order to simulate negative grade.

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Towing Dynamometers are specifically designed for use on a test track. Car and truck manufacturers, automotive test tracks and military proving grounds commonly use Towing Dynamometers to develop and verify the performance of their vehicles.  When combined with a data acquisition system, the combination offers the test engineer an efficient and repeatable tool for collecting critical performance data. The Towing Dynamometer is controlled by a wireless, tablet PC which allows the engineer to precisely control the amount of speed or load needed to accomplish the test while recording horsepower, temperature, time, distance, load and pressure data. The controller software is also capable of running automated hill simulation profiles and pre-scripted tests.
side from the critical vehicle performance information that Towing Dynamometers capture, there are three major benefits for using a Towing Dynamometer including:

Time and money savings

The advanced software used to control the Towing Dynamometer makes it simple to import recorded survey data of any mountain pass or automated test created in Microsoft Excel®. Furthermore, the dyno reduces the amount of time and high costs spent on mountain testing, vehicle transportation costs, employee travel expenses, insurance costs and much more.

Protect privacy and increase safety

Protecting proprietary designs and concealing the development of prototypes in secrecy is critical. Towing Dynamometers offer engineers a unique way to fully test their developmental vehicles within the confines of a protected proving ground. Thus, avoiding public exposure during break downs, especially in front of the competition, and removes the danger and risk of steep mountain tows.

Enhance testing efficiency and accuracy

Towing Dynamometers are efficient tools for gathering critical test data.  The advanced technology of push/pull and the ability to adjust to zero drawbar pull, greatly benefit engineers working to achieve advanced fuel efficiency tests and those developing sophisticated cruise control systems. Wireless, touchscreen controllers aid the driver with a driver’s trace, critical test information and real time channel data.

To learn more about Towing Dynamometers and Towing Dynamometer Control Systems visit: www.taylordyno.com/towing-dynamometers/or contact us at: Taylor Dynamometer (414) 755-0040, email sales@taylordyno.com.


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