Sharpe Products Accelerates Productivity With 3D Robotic Laser Cutting Equipment

November 16, 2020 - "Company News"

New machine technology offers precision for complex components
Sharpe Products, a leader in pipe and tube bending, laser cutting and custom fabrication services, has purchased a BLM GROUP LT-FREE laser cutting system. Built for complex, three-dimensional part profiles, the five-axis, 3 kW fiber optic laser has additional features such as robotic part manipulation and dual access part loading capabilities.
“While this new equipment has the capacity of a standard five axis laser, the dual work area allows for loading and unloading during the cutting process, increasing beam-on time and efficiency,” states Paul Krickeberg, President & CEO, Sharpe Products. “Moreover, the integrated robot can eliminate the need to manually transfer parts from fixture to fixture, increasing quality and throughput.”
“With our current capacity, we are able to laser cut holes, or features, in tubes prior to the bending process. There are instances where, because of tolerances required or the location of the cutouts on the tube, parts require additional, more costly, post-bending operations such as machining or punching. This technology can reduce or eliminate these types of additional steps and cut the cost of consumable tooling. Additionally, it offers more flexibility to better serve the needs of our customers,” says Krickeberg.
“We are proud to be a longtime and trusted business partner of Sharpe Products,” states Lindley Searles, Regional Sales Manager, BLM GROUP USA. “Our bending and laser cutting machines are used in many of Sharpe Products manufacturing processes, and we will continue to support them during and after the installation of the LT-FREE.”
Entering its fourth decade in business, Sharpe Products has plans for future technology and facility updates to align with its long-term strategy. For additional information on BLM GROUP, visit our website.
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