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September 01, 2017 - "Press Releases"


If you are in the food processing or pharmaceutical industries, you know how difficult it can be to find food handling materials that comply with USDA and FDA regulations. This is especially true when it comes to wooden pallets that are manufactured with nails and other metal hardware that can easily compromise your safety standards and pose the risk of contaminating your products. This is why Fibertech’s plastic pallets with no hardware are ideal for use in industries where quality control is central to your daily operations.


Pallets with No Hardware = No Risky Metal Parts

All of our pallets are manufactured with USDA and FDA-approved polyethylene using a functional one-piece design. Our seamless one-piece design eliminates the need for the metal hardware found on wooden pallets, making our plastic pallets an excellent choice for companies that plan to use them as a part of their food or drug manufacturing process. By eliminating the use of metal, your company will have one less thing to worry about when it comes to adhering to strict government regulations.



Reinforced Strength

The cross ribbing feature of Fibertech plastic pallets creates strength throughout the entire pallet. These sections don’t allow for unsupported weak point in the design. Holding roughly 3,500 pounds and yet weighing no more than 55 pounds for our sturdiest model, our plastic pallets can hold up to 63 times its own weight. Fibertech plastic pallets are economical, environmentally friendly and built to not give under pressure. More strength equals less trips with more product.


Other Benefits of Our Plastic Pallets with No Hardware

In addition to adhering to FDA and USDA standards for food processing and pharmaceutical industries, the hardware-free construction of our pallets also has a a variety of other benefits for manufacturers in these industries. Some of these design features include 4-way forklift entry for easy product maneuvering. Our plastic pallets also have angled legs, which prevent forklift damage from forklift tines by deflecting fork tines into position. Fibertech reinforces the corners for added strength to the pallet. The smooth flat top of our plastic pallets prevents product collection points and also allows product to stack better. Fibertech plastic pallets have an optional lip on two sides, this helps product from slipping as well as supporting the ability to stack these pallet on top of one another when not in use.  


Are Our Plastic Pallets with No Hardware Right for Your Company?

As you can see, Fibertech’s durable plastic pallets with no hardware are a wonderful solution for companies that need an alternative to wooden pallets that are manufactured with dangerous metal hardware that can contaminate your product.


Thanks to our innovative one-piece design, you can rest assured that your product’s quality will not be compromised by nails, staples, splinters, or other contaminants. If you want to try our plastic pallets for yourself, contact us today to learn more about how our durable plastic pallets can improve your manufacturing process and quality control standards.










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