New Plans, Partners, and Products in 2013

March 19, 2013 - "Company News"

DieQua is known for the wide range of gearboxes and similar drive components that we provide for a number of machine design applications. It is through continual innovation in product development and the adjoining of new manufacturing partners that enables us to meet the ever growing needs of the industry. As the new year gets underway, we are in the process of expanding our product offering and increasing the local production of current products, which will reduce leadtimes as well as make these products more cost effective.

Two additional product lines will be added to the DieQua roster by our newest partner, Varvel. We are currently promoting and stocking their updated and improved line of worm speed reducers with integral input coupling for better gearbox performance and motor connection. The RD series of inline helical speed reducers from Varvel has been available for import for a couple of years already, and we are currently in the process of establishing an assembly center and stocking warehouse in the Chicago area.

The body design is available in aluminum, and transmits similar torque (capacities between 25 and 400 Nm) as the iron cast housing designs, but is a more cost effective alternative. Also available are the RN, RO, and RV series by Varvel. These right angle and parallel helical bevel gearboxes have a modular design, which uses common output stage married to three distinct input stages to achieve different gearbox configurations.  Both of these product groups include the integrated input coupling, which eliminates shaft fretting corrosion and accommodates motor misalignment.

The Zimm line of screw jacks is another product line that will be coming soon to the assembly lines at DieQua. Zimm has been an industry leader due to their high quality products and focus on offering complete positioning and lifting systems with all connecting and drive components included. Machine screw jack capacities are available from 1/2 ton to 100 ton in both traveling nut and traversing screw versions. A jack assembly and screw processing facility is being established in DieQua’s existing factory, which will ensure that the Zimm screw jacks have even quicker delivery and are more cost effective.


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These new plans are already underway, and it is just the beginning when it comes to the new developments DieQua has in store. We are committed to continual improvement, to bring you the highest quality products at the best prices. Let us be your one stop shop for your drive component and gearbox requirements.






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