Micro Series lead screws now available from Haydon Kerk Express web store

January 26, 2015 - "Company News"

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions has added Kerk® Micro Series lead screws to the Haydon Kerk Express web store with three different leads available for 24-hour shipment. Standard and prototype-style nuts also are available.

Haydon Kerk has applied its extensive knowledge and experience in precision thread rolling to a new range of micro-sized lead screws. Its lead screws and nuts can be modified to suit an application’s dimensional needs. Prototype kits allow engineers to have parts in hand within 24 hours after placing an order.

haydon kerk motion soltuions, inc.
Haydon Kerk can manufacture screws to exact customer specifications. Custom screw materials, such as heat-treated 400 series stainless steel, are available, while custom nut materials, including PEEK and PPS, can be used to meet specific application requirements.

Micro Series lead screws are suitable for a wide range of applications that require precise motion control in a compact package. Typical applications include surgical and medical instruments, laboratory equipment, miniature drug delivery systems, semiconductor handling equipment, and hand-held instruments and devices.

For more information on Micro Series lead screws, visit www.haydonkerk.com.




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