Metro Hydraulic’s Past, Present, and Future of Quality

April 01, 2013 - "Company News"

Metro Hydraulic has a long history of family owned and operated quality sales & service. It all began during World War II, when our founders, brothers Murray and Harry Storch repaired jacks for the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They soon went into business together, repairing automotive jacks. They decided to expand and opened a shop in Newark, NJ doing automotive equipment repair and sales. Being a family run business we still continue this history of personal service to this day. All repairs are done in-house, and we are as committed to quality as we were all those years ago.

However, we have evolved significantly. Besides jacks, we now sell and install lubrication systems and hydraulic lifts for automotive customers. We are leaders in the construction and industrial markets, repairing, servicing, and selling hydraulic and pneumatic production tools, providing hydraulics for countless clients in the plant maintenance industry.

For our construction clients, we work on hydraulics (hydraulic cylinder repair, pump and valve repair) for earth moving equipment & tractors. We also fabricate hoses while you wait. One of our major specialties is the design of jacking systems, and we are a major supplier for the bridge and infrastructure markets. Our products and services are crucial to the repair of many major New York City bridges and tunnels.

We also repair and sell hydraulic tools for utilities, transportation, repair of aircraft ground support equipment, provide lifts for train and buses, do materials handling equipment, and more. In the past, we were responsible for designing a hydraulic lifting system used for lowering a section of the NJ Turnpike.

In short, customers in so many industries have been relying on us for their complex jobs, and have come to find that the quality we provide is second to none. The vision and passion of the Storch brothers continues today, and we are proud to continue the tradition they began.


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