The Grieve Corporations High Temperature Inert Atmosphere Ovens

August 23, 2022 - "Company News"


Atmosphere Oven
Grieve has shipped a 1250°F inert atmosphere oven to a manufacturer of superabrasvie grinding wheels and tools. They built the oven for use with an argon atmosphere, as oxidation (and resulting discoloration) is a concern for their customer.
To preserve the integrity of the internal atmosphere, the oven seams are continuously welded to be gas-tight. All wall penetrations include compression fittings on the outside. Positive latching door hardware and adjustable door hinges guarantee a tight seal around the door. The oven also includes an atmosphere inlet pressure regulator, a flow meter, and a pressure gauge.

Inert atmosphere ovens typically cool down slowly, so each Grieve inert atmosphere oven is equipped with a cooling jacket in the walls (shown in the diagram). A controlled cool-down rate is critical to their customer’s process. Therefore, Grieve added a cooling blower to this argon oven to pull air through the jacket, and modulating dampers to regulate the amount of air being drawn through. A programmable temperature controller provides completely automatic sequencing.

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