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December 16, 2013 - "Blog"

Screen Printing: The Driving Force in Printed Electronics Innovation


Countless devices rely on printed electronic technologies for function, form and flexibility. One of the most efficient production methods, screen printing, allows for high volume, high-throughput, cost-effective manufacturing for many of the products we rely on every day. Sytek is an authority on specialized printed electronics processes and has been enabling new technologies for well over three decades.

With screen printing's long history and mature niche markets, one often thinks of basic equipment turning out T-shirts, stickers and signage as typical screen printed products. Due to its versatility when compared to other printing techniques, screen printing can quickly adapt to changing demands becoming the perfect industry for innovation in printed electronics. Early success in electronic switches, smart cards, RFID tags, biosensors for blood glucose and printed batteries gave the screen printing industry a strong foothold as a viable option for high volume low cost electronic products. With new advancements in automation and precision equipment, screen printing is now a driving force in electronic technologies.  As new devices become more personalized, durable and interactive, screen printed electronics have been able to meet these challenges through its natural versatility and adaptive processes resulting in new product capabilities.

This versatility has created numerous active and passive devices including thin film transistors, pressure sensitive resistors, complex conductors, selective EMI shields, micro-thin conductive busses or traces and semiconductors to name a few. By adding clear conductive inks and dielectrics, new advancements in electronic displays, shielding and backlights with opacity limitations can now become a reality in the next generation of products. Often new developments and technologies are proven out and commercialized within the screen printing process before they are adapted to other printing techniques and applications. In these initial development stages, the screen printer often drives innovation by identifying and overcoming limitations providing the platform for further development in other printing processes. 

With over thirty years of experience in screen printed electronics and by investing in equipment with dynamic capabilities in printing, curing, surface mount robotics and automation, Sytek has helped developed and commercialize several new technologies in printed electronics. One of the main advantages screen printing has to offer includes the ability to produce unique patterns and shapes with different ink thickness resulting in a range of conductance or resistance depending on the products requirements. Sytek has capitalized on this unique capability by becoming an industry leader and one of the few print companies offering variable force sensitive resistors. This technology now common in electronic keyboards, interactive electronic music equipment and variable control switches, is due largely to Sytek’s research and development success. Sytek’s approach to new challenges within the industry includes uncommon solutions by blending and incorporating different printed electronic products and processes creating new and unique solutions.

Sytek provides industry guidance and relishes in helping clients conceptualize new designs, improve products and deliver the impossible. Sometimes difficult challenges have simple solutions with the correct relationship and partners. To find out more about how Sytek can help you or learn more about screen printed electronics, please visit our web site.  

Jarrett Malnarick - New Product Development

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