Gillinder Glass Working to Maximize Performance of HIRL Lens Systems

July 15, 2020 - "Press Releases"

Port Jervis, NY, June 14, 2018 – Runway Edge Lighting (REL), specifically High Intensity Runway Lighting (HIRL), is considered one of the most demanding applications in airfield lighting. Gillinder’s line of L-862 and L-862E glass lens products meet those demands with rugged mechanical durability, superior thermal shock capabilities, and the best photometric performance currently in the marketplace. 
Photometric performance is particularly crucial for the variable intensity steps of HIRL applications. Gillinder’s lens systems have been designed to fit most FAA certified non-LED HIRL fixtures to maximize this performance. 
Changes to the market landscape now include limited lamp resources as lamp manufacturers make business decisions to streamline their future product lines. Some lamp manufacturers are slowly discontinuing lamp products as LED’s offer energy savings that cannot be matched. Gillinder has undertaken a development program to ensure the sustainability of this product line by working with its customers to maximize the synergy and efficiency among lens system, fixture, and lamp choice. 
It is recommended that if you require re-certification based on changes to your lamp supply, contact Gillinder Glass and its team of experienced engineers to maximize the performance of your lens system, fixture, and lamp to maintain your FAA certification for L-862 and L-862E applications per FAA AC150/5345-53. 
Ask for Gillinder’s HIRL lenses by model number: 
Inner Lens (Base Number GB6874) is available in clear, yellow, black, green or red. 
Outer Lens (Base Model GB6900) is available in clear, clear/red, or clear/black. 
Inner lens (Base Model GB6874) is available in clear. 
Outer Lens (Base model GB6954/6900) is half red/half green and comes in left hand (LH) and right hand (RH) versions. 
Gillinder’s REL lens system consists of two inner half lenses and an outer lens refractor which can easily be certified to meet the FAA Advisory Circular 150-5345-46E, MIL-DTL-7989B and SAE-AS25050. Performance varies based on positioning and lamp factors. Please contact us for data sets which would mirror your particular application. 
Contact us for more information about Gillinder’s FAA and ICAO lenses for your HIRL, MIRL, LIRL, REIL, PAPI, VASI, ALS, and other airfield lighting applications. 


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