Custom Force Sensors: Essential for Mission Success

July 14, 2023 - "Capabilities "

Strainsert is a leading designer/patent holder of a variety of force sensor products, including load pins, load cells, and force sensing bolts to list a few, as examples. 

Over 90% of Strainsert’s sensor products are custom designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet unique customer and specific application requirements.  Strainsert has developed very efficient processes (link to new custom design process blog post) to facilitate custom design and product manufacture, resulting in a timely and cost-effective sensor solution.

Military, Aerospace, and Industrial customers have unique challenges in meeting their specific specifications and standards requirements. These requirements may be due to tight tolerances or extreme environments and conditions in which the product will be used.

The alternative to custom force sensors, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products, may appear to be cost effective and satisfy requirements; however, performance, durability, and even survivability could be below acceptable risk levels.

Critical applications are often found in environments including aerospace, marine, down-hole, infrastructure, machinery, and construction. Once a sensor is in operation, it may be impractical or impossible to repair, modify, or replace. In these situations, it is often more cost-effective to use a custom sensor. The custom sensor is specially designed to match the system requirements, rather than matching the nearest COTS sensor, then modifying the system. Strainsert Engineers have fielded many calls for help from customers who have learned of the potential risks associated with a COTS approach and the value of using custom designed sensors.

Strainsert specializes in manufacturing custom force sensor products. To that aim, we maintain control of both in-house and outsourced processes. This helps greatly to avoid counterfeit parts, material contamination or expiration, and long lead times while assuring traceability, repeatability, and durability backed by our 2-year warrantee.

When you contact Strainsert, you will talk to trained personnel who will assist in connecting you with the appropriate Engineering, Sales, and Quality personnel on either the same day or the next business day at the latest. Once your order is placed, we will conduct both Design and Contract Reviews to ensure that your custom sensors are manufactured correctly.

Please contact us for the design and manufacturing of your custom force transducers. 

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