Sealeze Brush for Bus Transportation

July 11, 2018 - "Blog"


Sealeze provides a wide variety of brush assemblies that can be used for bus transportation. Not only can our brush products make buses a more efficient method of transportation, but they can also improve the experience for passengers.


Our brush solutions provide safe, durable, cost-effective sealing and gap-closing options for buses. Some of the main benefits include:

Sealing the bottoms of doors. Brush applications are a great option for sealing the bottom of bus doors since they can stop up to 98.5% of air infiltration. In addition, they help to block light and odor and can keep out dust and dirt from the road. All of our staple set brush or strip brush come with the option of adding a rubber Xtraseal membrane with can eliminate water infiltration from ambient conditions and washings.

Obscure mechanical gaps. Brush is a convenient solution for obscuring the large gaps that plug door actuators travel through. Hiding these mechanisms enhances appearance, but it also protects the machinery and passengers. By keeping dust and dirt from entering the mechanism, you’re more likely to extend its lifespan. In addition, it deters passengers from placing objects or body parts into the actuator mechanism, not only protecting their safety but also protecting the functionality of your machinery.

Suppresses wheel spray. Because of its customization, brush can solve numerous problems – one being tire spray. Sealeze brush provides an excellent buffer against tire spray that comes from the wheel wells during travel.

 Our high-durability, conforming brush seals are an excellent solution for bus transportation and can solve a variety of problems.

The advantages of Sealeze brush include:

  • No tearing
  • Highly flexible (down to -40° F)
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • More abrasion resistant than solid seals
  • Low drag on actuators

If you need support integrating a brush solution into your bus transportation application, please contact a Sealeze representative at 1-800-787-7325.


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