Things are Heating Up: Four New Furnaces Add Capacity and Reduce Lead Time for Customers of Weldaloy Products

April 16, 2015 - "Press Releases"

Michigan-based manufacturer Weldaloy Products continues to expand. The company, which specializes in copper and aluminum forging, has added four brand new furnaces to their manufacturing operation. With the additions, Weldaloy now has a total of 13 furnaces. These furnaces are used for heat treating materials throughout the forging process.

As demand continues to rise for copper and aluminum forged parts from Weldaloy Products in Warren, Michigan, the company has invested significantly to increase capacity. In recent months Weldaloy added a new Saw room, adding almost 10,000 square feet to the amount of room devoted to that process in the facility. The additional furnaces similarly allow Weldaloy to both expand operations and maintain and even improve their turnaround time on orders. Specifically, the company is now capable of accommodating more business from customers who need copper parts heat treated.

“The new furnaces are strategic purchases to propel Weldaloy to the next level in quality and on-time delivery,” said Kurt Ruppenthal, Vice President & Chief Manufacturing Executive of Weldaloy Products Company. “Not only will they allow us to take on additional business from new customers, but just as importantly, will help us lower lead time for our current customers.”




Founded in 1946, Weldaloy Products Company is a copper and aluminum forging and machining specialist company based in Warren, Michigan. Companies from all over the world work with Weldaloy for their ability to manufacture highly specialized customer designed copper and aluminum parts. The company is vertically integrated, starting from procurement of raw material and advancing through various forging processes, heat treating and rough or finish machining services and then shipping to customers. The Weldaloy Vision is: To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To demonstrate the love of Christ Jesus to all we come in contact with. Contact Weldaloy at (888) WELDALOY (935-3256) or visit to learn “How to Choose the Right Nonferrous Forging Supplier.”









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