Is there any quality difference between virgin and completely recycled material carts?

November 01, 2016 - "Blog"

One of the top 10 questions asked about our laundry carts is, “Is there any quality difference between virgin and 100% recycled material?” At first glance, virgin plastic laundry carts might seem better than regrind carts, but actually this is not true.  Both regrind and virgin plastic offer the exact same durability, capacity, and performance, but regrind carts have two added benefits; they are better for the environment and have a lower price tag.  Keep reading to discover why so many businesses are choosing our laundry carts made from 100% recycled regrind plastic. 

Fibertech strives to create environmentally responsible solutions through all three divisions of our business: rotational molding, plastic container repair, and plastic recycling. Through these developments and expansions of opportunity we have been able to grow our laundry and linen market by filling the need for a less costly laundry cart molding them from reprocessed plastic. We found that durability and cost are extremely important to every laundry operation and recognized that a recycled material cart can be made to meet or exceed laundry performance standards while significantly lowering the manufacturing cost. This has presented a win-win for our clients while also bringing more recycled plastic back into the market. Environmental sustainability may not be the primary reason they purchase the cart but a regrind cart has a lot in common with the textiles they wash and reuse daily.

Fibertech views scrap as another raw material. The plastic recycling division was created for this very reason; the virgin scrap from molded product is ground up, pulverized and reused. Not only is this a responsible way to divert scrap from landfills, it provides a steady source of economical material for molding non-compliance products. We have the advantage of knowing that all our regrind is 2nd generation plastic since we are the recycler of the material. There are no risks of contamination or blends of unknown materials because we control every aspect of its collection and reuse.

 Is there any tangible difference between virgin and 100% recycled material? The answer is no. These laundry trucks carry the same amount of weight; perform the same in every aspect. You get the same durability, same capacity, same performance, with a better price.

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