The Importance of Duct Electric Heaters in Commercial Buildings

February 22, 2016 - "Industry Insight"

For those who regularly go to work in a factory or commercial building, comfort heating is important, especially when your job entails working indoors for durations of 8 to 10 hours. Ensuring the proper air-temperature inside a commercial building will require the use of a good duct electric heater that is built to pre-heat and regulate the air inside a commercial space for all its inhabitants. Having a good duct electric heater will ensure that each and every person inside the building will have a very pleasant and comfortable experience.

How does a duct electric heater work?

A duct electric heater is a heating appliance that is added to a commercial or industrial building’s duct system. This heating mechanism utilizes electricity to pre-heat and regulate the air that is distributed inside any building. Duct heaters are composed of a powerful heating element that is surrounded by insulation and sheet metal. This heating product comes in handy especially when a building or commercial space is located in a cold drafty areas.

What are its applications?

With the duct heater working optimally inside the duct system of a commercial or industrial building, people will have access to air that is pre-heated. This means that air is regulated, allowing people to avoid wearing sweaters or any thermal clothing while working. Duct electric heaters are not just used for industrial buildings as they have multiple other applications. These are office buildings, schools, churches accommodation areas of sea going vessels, and other establishments. They may also be used in power plants and wastewater facilities and commercial constructions.

  • Inside offices. People who work in offices usually spend 8 to 10 hours each day performing their duties. If air is not in the proper temperature, these individuals will have difficulties performing their obligations properly.
  • Inside schools. Duct electric heaters are an essential component of a school building’s duct system. Without this appliance working properly, children and teachers will have a very hard time performing their duties. Keep in mind that both students and teachers spend up to 8 hours a day inside a school building.
  • Inside residential buildings. For those who have condominiums or apartment buildings, you must ensure that your tenants are comfortable. Having an electric duct heater running inside your duct system is a great way to provide proper air temperature especially when your building is located in a location dominated by the cold.

What are the advantages of having a duct electric heater?

Some advantages having a duct electric heater running inside your duct system are:

  • It provides energy efficiency. Having a duct electric heater works ideally to regulate air temperatures inside a building. One of the advantages that they provide is they provide energy efficiency by monitoring air temperatures and automatically providing optimal heat output that ensures continuous regulated air.
  • It is easy to install. Having a duct electric heater installed in your commercial space is a very easy process that does not require expensive renovations. You simply hire a licensed technician recommended by your duct heater providers to install the device in your vents or duct system.
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