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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One of the fastest growing product testing requirements today is strength and fatigue testing of fluid based control components. This can vary across a wide range of components including hose and fittings, tubing and pipe assemblies, valves, radiators, and cylinders just to name a few. With extended testing – while accurately controlling pressure cycles at an advanced rate – a component’s life can be simulated in a matter of weeks, days, or hours. This aids in determining the standard life and reliability of a component along with a measurable life in a tremendously shortened time frame.
Impulse Testing
Impulse Testing is achieved by supplying controlled pressure within a component, in accordance with one of several prescribed programmed pressure profiles to meet varying SAE, ISO, ASME, APR, API specifications, at a varying rate (frequency). Pressure profiles can be simulated to mimic square wave, simple pulses, sinusoidal wave, or up to as many as 20 target-point specialty curves. Pressure cycles can vary from just a few hundreds to millions of cycles, or even to failure, to qualify a component. Pressures to 14,500PSI and test frequencies greater than 1 hertz are becoming very common requirements with these systems while available test times become more limited.
The Pressure Intensifier
The heart of a fast response impulse test system is the high-pressure/high-resolution hydraulic intensifier or pressure booster. These assemblies are required to reciprocate at a very high frequency while maintaining the highest accuracy outlet pressures as possible. The forces and speeds within these systems result in accelerated component failure or a high wear rate/rebuild frequency requirement. These intensifiers are complex, expensive, and require long lead items.
Problems in Today’s Market Place
With many of the system manufacturers now located in China, Germany, Italy, or India, the lead times for these replacement parts can reach as long as 28-32 weeks. With prices ranging well over $10,000, local system users are also reluctant to stock spare assemblies. This presents a new problem with existing systems regarding the delivery of replacement assemblies and spare components. To further increase these difficulties, many of the current manufacturers’ systems are considered non-field repairable or use proprietary parts.
The WTI Solution

A new alternative to waiting for long lead time replacements or stocking several thousand dollars’ worth of spare parts is Wineman Technology’s Impulse Test System Retrofit Packages. Our systems are manufactured in the Unites States, are field-repairable, and can be easily retrofitted into your existing impulse test rig. Wineman Technology’s solution packages provide flexible options to meet your specific retrofit requirements including:
Intensifier Assemblies and Packages
  • High speed/long life seals and dual intensifier shaft seals provide separation of the hydraulic control fluid from the test fluid. This allows systems to operate on specialty petroleum fluids, water, or glycol mixes, among others.
  • An optional Linear Variable Displacement Transducer provides a very high resolution for extremely fast or accurate requirements.
  • Safety over-travel switches monitor system status and test volume alerts.
  • User-replaceable seals provide an easy method for field rebuilds.
Hydraulic System Packages
  • Hydraulic Control Manifold Assemblies


  • Hydraulic Units or Retrofits
  • Hydraulic System Grades
  • Integration of combined Impulse and Burst Testing into one test rig
Electrical System Control and Feedback Kits
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), PLC, and PC systems
  • High Resolution Intensifier Upgrade/Feedback Packages
  • Safety and Control Upgrades
Data Acquisition System Packages
  • Data Storage and Transfer Systems
  • Multiple Test Profiles
  • Data Reporting
Contact WTI for Your System Evaluation

Wineman Technology not only has years of experience in upgrading and automating not only existing test stands, but entire test cells. We also offer the market-leading expertise required for the addition of data acquisition and control systems to your requirements. Systems can be totally upgraded, onsite or offsite, or be engineered to be upgraded in “add-on” modules or phases. In this way, the cost for a total system upgrade can be spread out over several budget cycles.

For more information on hydraulic servo-based test systems and the addition of Impulse Testing Upgrades, please contact Wineman Technology for a system audit and recommendations today.
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