Hand Winch Cable Assemblies for OEMs

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Lexco Cable is the Leading Just-in-Time (JIT) Supplier of Hand Winch Cable Assemblies for OEMs

No matter what type of application calls for a hand winch, they all require a high-quality cable assembly built for durability, longevity, and flexibility. Lead time is critical for OEMs. Lexco’s typical lead time for a wire rope (aircraft cable) assembly is two weeks. Here’s two expedite solutions that you won’t have to pay a break-in fee for.

  1. Place a blanket order with specified stock levels. When you’re ready for a release, we can ship it from stock.
  2. Plan a Kanban system blanket order. We’ll promptly build upon receipt of your empty bin signal.
Blanket orders are a win-win strategy for the OEM and Lexco.

Hand Winch Wire Rope Material Guide

Hot-Dip Galvanized Wire Rope = Quality with Economy

Typical applications for hand winch cable assemblies are found outdoors. Although galvanized-finish wire rope is popular, not all galvanized finishes are the same. In an outdoor environment, an electro-galvanized finish does not protect the wire rope as well as a hot-dip galvanized finish does. If you’re using hand winch wire rope assemblies and are having corrosion issues, we recommend trying Lexco’s hot-dip galvanized wire rope.

Stainless Steel vs. Galvanized Wire Rope


Galvanized wire rope is a stronger and more economical solution than stainless steel wire rope. If you are a procurement professional and budget is imperative yet the quality is critical, hot-dip galvanized wire rope is the ideal combination of quality and economy.

Determining Your Current Assembly’s Material and Finish
If you’re an OEM that purchases wire rope (aircraft cable) from a source that doesn’t provide material certificates, you might not be 100% positive what material/finish your assembly currently uses. For instance, if a manufacturer puts a stainless steel thimble into the wire rope assembly, the OEM might assume that the wire rope is also stainless steel. This is not necessarily the case. A stainless steel thimble can be used with galvanized wire rope as well.
If you have an assembly and you’re not sure what the material and/or finish is, simply click the link below to download a packing slip and mail it along with your sample. Once received, we’ll hand it off to Lexco Cable’s engineering department to test it. By taking this extra step, Lexco Cable ensures you’re getting an apples-to-apples quote so you can feel confident in your decision making.

Common Wire Rope Diameters for Hand Winch Assemblies

Let’s take a closer look at the most common wire rope diameter for a hand winch:



Inside Diameter for 3/16” thimble:


Common Hand Winch Cable Assembly Industries and Applications

Everyday, Lexco Cable delivers custom cable assemblies for hand winch applications in multiple industries, such as construction, transportation, and agriculture.

1) Construction & Transportation 
Light Tower Hand Winch - Lexco has vast experience assembling hand winch cables for light towers equipped with a vertical telescoping mast. In the past, we have delivered 3/16 7x19 galvanized-stranded cable assemblies for light towers that require easy vertical adjustments and the ability to rotate 360 degrees.
Fold N’ Go Trailer Hand Winch - Cable assemblies for hand winch applications are also found on the bottom of construction sign trailers. These trailers are used to transport and adjust signs, such as construction arrows, temporary speeds signs, and radar speed signs. For this type of application, a quality custom cable assembly is attached to a connection point and allows for easier deployment.
2) Agriculture / Farming 
Many of our customers come to us for winch cable assemblies found on agriculture equipment, such as a gravity box conveyor used for seeding. Mobile conveyors equipped with a tube-mounted friction disc hand winch cable provides easy vertical adjustments.
3) Tennis Nets 
Tennis nets are often equipped with a wire rope attached to a hand winch. For this purpose, we offer white vinyl wire rope in common diameters of 7x7 and 7x19.
4) Wire Rope Hoists and Cable Puller Winches
Lexco Cable also offers custom wire rope (aircraft cable) for hoists and cable puller winches for durability when it comes to lifting, lowering, moving, and pulling. We have the ability to fabricate a wire rope that can handle heavy working loads, and can provide custom wire rope assembly, equipped with a thimble loop with hook attached.  Hooks are available in carbon and alloy materials and typically include a latch.

Common Hand Winch Cable Fittings


Here is a brief comparison of the four most common cable fittings seen on a winch cable application:

A. Thimble Loop Fitting - Installed on the inside of a cable loop, teardrop-shaped thimbles prevent wire rope fraying and prevent kinking at the bearing point, extending the cable’s longevity.
B. Thimble Loop with Hook - This type of fitting is ideal for hand winch applications that are meant to lift and/or pull heavy loads.
C. Eye-End Fitting - Eye-ends connect to fork ends through clevis pins and improve structural support. They also allow for quick connection and release. An eye-end fitting is highly economical when produced in diameters between 1/32” and 3/16”.
D. Fuse Cut - To prevent the wire ends from fraying, Lexco Cable also offers fuse cutting to electrically cut the wire rope. It’s commonly used for cables with a diameter between 1/32” to 3/8”. We offer custom length per customer specification.
E. Button Stop Fitting - Button stops provide a bearing point for anchoring the assembly to prevent the cable from fraying. A button stop can also act as a stopping mechanism.
Lexco Cable is the leading JIT OEM supplier of custom winch cable assemblies. We deliver custom, quality hand winch cable assemblies with a fast turnaround.


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