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February 16, 2017 - "New Product Release"

tecsis Unveils the Most Accurate Load Pin on the Market
tecsis Unveils the Most Accurate Load Pin on the Market


The tecsis Model XLPD Force Sensing Load Pin features our patent-pending design which achieves superior accuracy up to 0.25%. Most of the accuracy error in a load pin is the result of variations in the application of the load. Now, tecsis engineers have found a way to virtually eliminate loading-induced error and create the most accurate and repeatable load pin on the market.


The XLPD is available in ranges up to 16 tons (0-150kN) and delivers a combined ±0.25% linearity & hysteresis, and repeatability of ±0.1% FS. Standard output is 2mV/V with an excitation of 10Vdc. This unit is IP67 Rated, and built to perform with all stainless steel construction, a temperature range from -65° to +250°F, and a 150% safe overload rating.


Created originally for harbor cranes and mobile and stationary straddle cranes, these force sensing load pins have set a new standard for force and weighing applications of all kinds.


Performance is dependent on measuring range and the diameter of the load pin. Each load pin is application-specific, so please contact tecsis LP for final specifications. tecsis LP, 771-F Dearborn Park Lane, Worthington, Ohio 43085. 614-430-0683, info@tecsis.us, or www.tecsis.us









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