The Eisenhower Memorial Tapestry

August 11, 2021 - "Company News"

The Eisenhower Memorial Tapestry


Jersey Strand and Cable Inc. and Sinc Inc. are proud to announce their collaboration on the Strand and Braid for the Eisenhower Memorial tapestry in Washington DC. These two companies worked closely to develop Strand and Braid with the ideal specs to create a beautiful tapestry that will last.

This remarkable Stainless-Steel tapestry is the design of Frank Gehry and was created by Architect-Designer, Tomas Osinski. The tapestry utilizes both Stainless Steel Strand, Produced by Jersey Stand and Cable, Inc., and Stainless-Steel Braid, produced by Sinc Inc.

The Eisenhower Memorial tapestry measures 60 feet high by 450 feet wide and utilizes 600 different panels, making it the largest tapestry of its kind.   

Wire Rope
Wire Rope

Through their network of contacts, Sinc Inc. was approached about producing the materials for this tapestry. They knew it had to be something special and contacted Jersey Strand and Cable Inc. to collaborate on the project. The unique design utilizing Strand and Braid together in the design was only made possible due to the close relationship of Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. and Sinc Inc. Together, they worked to create pieces used in the tapestry. Jersey Strand and Cable Inc. created the Stainless-Steel Strand used on the frame to make a base and Sinc Inc. created the Stainless-Steel Braid that was welded on top in a pattern to create the image.

Wire Rope


During the initial process to find the right materials for the tapestry, the team at Jersey Strand and Cable and Sinc produced prototypes for the Designer to test until the right combination was found.

The next step in the process was to clean the wire surface from lubricants. A special cleaning machine was bought and then modified to develop a process that is unique in its ability to completely clean the wire.

Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. and Sinc Inc. are proud to have worked with such amazing Architects and Designers to make the Eisenhower Memorial tapestry a reality. This will be a project that people will be able to enjoy for years to come due to the ideas and collaboration of this hardworking team.


Machinery was designed and manufactured by Mega Tapestries to produce the Eisenhower Tapestry.

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