Precision Filtration Products Custom Builds Portable Filtration Cart for Coal Company

May 22, 2013 - "Applications "

When a large coal company located in western Pennsylvania described the kind of portable filter they were looking for, Precision Filtration Products was up to the challenge. The coal company had hydraulic reservoirs with particulate contaminants that needed to be removed as these can cause problems like corrosion on metal surfaces, abrasive wear and bearing fatigue. The filtration unit needed to be portable, light-weight, compact, well-built and include a display for ISO 4406 codes on a visual particulate counter.

The solution was simple, PFP’s compact SFC mobile filtration cart built from light-weight aluminum. The device has its own sampling ports as well as true differential pressure indicators and a particulate counter. The company liked the advantages of this particular filtration cart and decided to make the purchase. Three months later the happy customer bought another one and praised the filter saying, “Beautiful piece of equipment…very well made.”

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