How Does a Gear-Operated Valve Work?

February 13, 2019 - "Blog"



Valves are an important part of many different applications that we depend on every day. Industries across the world rely on valves to keep their systems functioning. However, it can be easy to forget about the importance of this versatile product. It can be difficult to remember that each valve type has unique specialties and purposes. Gear-operated valves are a very popular type for many reasons. By understanding its uses and how it works, you will be able to determine how well this valve will work for you!


How to Use Gear-Operated Valves

The main quality that sets gear-operated valves apart is the way in which it is operated. This type of valve requires manual operation. Gear-operated valves regulate the flow of liquid or gas. This involves the operation of a wheel moving a disc which holds or releases the liquid or gas through a system. This is hand-operated, making it simple to control the flow whenever you want.
Typically, manual operators, such as gear-operated valves, are inexpensive. These valves are a good choice for high stress environments and small spaces. Though gear-operated valves are a little more complex than other manually operated valves, most can open or close with a few simple turns. However, with some applications this can become tiresome over time.

Gear-Operated Valves: Material Differences

Like most valves, gear-operated valves come in different materials to meet different needs. Factors such as pressure and temperature come into play when deciding which material suits a certain application. Both PVC and metal make sturdy, reliable valves that can be used in many industries.
Gear-operated valves can be made from different types of metal, such as cast iron and ductile iron. Metal valves are strong and resilient against harsh temperatures. They also have the ability to withstand vibrations. Different metals specialize in different areas so within this material there are many choices to choose from to help meet your needs.
PVC gear-operated valves are lightweight and resistant to many chemicals. Lightweight materials typically make great valves. Despite being lightweight, this material is extremely durable. It will last for years due to its flexibility and it has the ability to bend instead of cracking under pressure right away. This material is immune to rust and external damages that can cause problems with metal valves.
Understanding different valve types is extremely useful. This can determine the success or failure of a system or application. Gear-operated valves are no exception. Their unique way of functioning makes them the ideal valve for some, but for others they may not work so well. By learning and understanding the way valves work, you are able to determine how well they can work for you.
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