Heavy Load Roll Carrier Solution with A Quick Return-on-­Investment (ROI)

March 03, 2020 - "Applications "



Low-cost Heavy Load Roll Carrier with rugged design for high temperature industrial environments helped increase throughput and quicker ROI.

Features and Benefits

  • Used in all Primary Metals Industries
  • Flexible design can be used to transport Coils, Work Rolls, Ingots, Cathode/Anode Racks and more
  • Rugged design for high temperature industrial environment

The Customer Requirements: When a global primary metal manufacturer looked at automating one of their facilities, they needed to find a cost-effective solution that was able to consistently move coils and work rolls through the production process. The problem was that their 20 metric ton coils with a surface temperature of 300° F differs quite a bit from their work roll. Adding to the challenge was meeting the speed requirement while keeping either load stable and safe.

Solutions for Heavy-Load Applications: Transbotics' in-house design team used proven components to configure a cost effective Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) to meet the customer's specifications. Our expert team took into consideration all the factors of heat, friction, speed and kinetic energy to provide a heavy-load laser guided vehicle designed specifically for the customer's application. The resultant AGVs can move either coils or work rolls using reliable AC drive technology. The system is designed with room for expandability, a focus on safety and increased Return on Investment (ROI).

Expansion Functionality on Demand: The benefits of this system were recognized immediately. The unique design created a lower than market cost, with as much reliability and durability as other comparable vehicles. The company was so pleased with the results that they implemented the solution at multiple facilities both domestically and internationally.


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