VAC-U-MAX Exhibits Packaging Automation Solutions

September 28, 2018 - "Press Releases"


VAC-U-MAX Exhibits Packaging Automation Solutions at
Pack Expo 2018, October 14-17, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, Booth 8414 -
Powder & Bulk Material Transfer Systems • Auger Filler / Feeder Refill Systems 

BELLEVILLE, NJ USA (September 4, 2018) – VAC-U-MAX proudly announces exhibition at Pack Expo 2018, October 14-17, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL Booth 8414, exhibiting “Ready-to-Operate“ processing and packaging automation solutions for powder and bulk-ingredient transfer to auger filling machines, weigh feeders and other packaging and processing equipment. Specializing in the design, manufacture, engineering, and automation of processes, VAC-U-MAX combines state-of-the art electronic technology with innovative mechanical and pneumatic conveying technologies, designing systems for conveying, weighing, and batching of dry bulk materials. Equipment on display includes:

Signature SeriesTM Vacuum Conveyors: “No Edges, No Ledges"™ Eliminate hand scooping & dumping with VAC-U-MAX’s Signature Series “plug-and-play” vacuum conveying solutions available in 1500 SeriesTM for conveying rates from handfuls to 1500 lbs/hr (680 kg/hr) and the 3500 SeriesTM for conveying rates up to 3500 lbs//hr (1600 kg/hr). Systems are designed to convey a wide range of bulk materials including powders, flakes, pellets, tablets, capsules, gel caps, food ingredients like coffee, beans, nuts, raisins and other materials like bottle caps, glue chips, and corks. Each “Ready-to-Operate” system consists of five components: pick-up wand, convey tubing, VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Receiver, vacuum producer, and UL-Listed control panel. Visit Booth 8414 and preview running demonstration.

VAC-U-MAX Refill Systems for Packaging Machines & Feeders: Continuous, Contained & Dust-Free Packaging Machines and Feeders are often purchased without considering how they will be filled & refilled. VAC-U-MAX offers the fastest way to refill auger fillers and feeders - refilling in a matter of seconds. VAC-U-MAX accomplishes this by having a charge of material ready – with vacuum conveying rates ranging from handfuls to 10,000 lbs/hr (4500 kg/hr). Systems are designed to deliver flexibility, integration, efficiency and dust-free operation with little or no human interface. VAC-U-MAX is a UL-listed designer and fabricator of control panels for general purpose and hazardous locations. Visit Booth 8414 and preview running demonstration. 

VAC-U-MAX Combustible Dust Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Air-Driven – No electric required – ATEX Certified
Completely air-operated, VAC-U-MAX air-driven Combustible Dust Vacs offer the lowest compressed-air consumption on the market today – now ATEX Certified. The MDL15 & MDL40008 feature 15 or 30-gallon collection drums with VAC-U-MAX Venturi power. VAC-U-MAX offers a full range of industrial hygiene solutions including portable, continuous-duty, and central systems for continuous 24/7 operation. VAC-U-MAX central systems provide high-efficiency filtration from handfuls to 5 tons per hour, reducing clean-up time, improving working conditions, and plant safety for OSHA-compliance.

Processing Mobility with Mobile Vacuum Conveying Systems: Moving Powders & Bulk Materials from Source to Destination VAC-U-MAX Mobile Vacuum Conveying Systems offer ease-of-mobility for applications requiring access to packaging or processing equipment in hard-to-reach areas. Systems incorporate adjustable suction wand where product is introduced to the vacuum system. Mobile frame includes vacuum producer, conveying product up to 5000 lbs/hr (2200 kg/hr) and control panel that handles the convey, discharge, and filter cleaning functions of the system. Vacuum receiver is manually hoisted for easy up-and-down mobility. All receivers meet the rigid requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Bulk Material Transfer to Packaging:  Via Pneumatic, Mechanical, and Flexible Screw Conveying
VAC-U-MAX Bulk Ingredient Handling Systems are designed to move dry bulk materials from source to destination with minimal operator effort and minimal plant exposure to combustible dusts. VAC-U-MAX conveying systems handle a variety of powders and granular materials. Systems include Multi-Ingredient Handling, Bulk Bag Loading / Unloading, Direct Charge Blender Loading Systems, Bag Dump Stations with integrated dust collection and empty-bag compaction, and more. VAC-U-MAX Bulk Material Handling Systems solve a wide range of applications including free and non-free flowing powders and other dusty and difficult-to-convey materials. Stop by Booth 8414 to discuss your application with VAC-U-MAX’s Bulk Material Handling specialists. 



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