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January 16, 2017 - "Press Releases"


Companies want to implement new equipment with the least amount of disruption to their production while minimizing the impact to employees with change-over and training.

Chantland MHS systems make automating bagging and palletizing processes extraordinarily fast and smooth.


What sets Chantland MHS apart from other manufacturers? Proven Performance! We not only design and build each of our systems, we completely set up, hard wire and test them in our facility before shipping to our customers, using our customers’ products, bags and pallets. It’s not an option, it’s what we do…and always as part of our firm quoted price. Customers are invited to our facility to view the ‘Factory Acceptance Test’ of their equipment and we have often been told “we didn’t realize that you actually set up the entire system in its proper layout and then test it!”

After acceptance the system is taken down, each mechanical and electrical junction is match-marked and cross referenced to assembly drawings. Upon delivery the system can be quickly reassembled by even an inexperienced crew.

Start-up generally takes just three days which is unparalleled in our industry. The first day our technician(s) confirm connections and dry run the equipment. Typically our systems are ready to run product the first day. The second day is committed to training with light production and the third day we hand off to the plant operators and provide additional training as needed.


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