Industrial Filtration: Bag Housings vs. Cartridge Housings

February 13, 2019 - "Blog"



When it comes to industrial filtration, understanding the differences between bag housings and cartridge housings is extremely important. Both types are used in many different industries and impact the way that liquids and gases get filtered. To determine whether bag housings or cartridge housings will work best within a certain industry, it is important to understand how they work. While they are similar, they have specific ways in which they are unique. Below, you can find an explanation about the differences between bag housings and cartridge housings, as well as the qualities that are similar.


Cartridge Housings

Cartridge housings support industrial grade cartridge filters through the filtration process. There is a large range of contaminant and flow capabilities with cartridge housings. This allows them to be able to serve many purposes due to their versatility. A variety of industries use cartridge filters and that is due in large part to the housings. Though they are versatile, the food and beverage industry is the one that benefits the most from this type of housing. Cartridge housing systems help to attain precise filtration. This type of housing works in a similar way to other types of housings. Unfiltered liquid or gas enters the cartridge housing. From the outside to the inside, the unfiltered liquid is dispersed to the cartridges. The cartridges catch any debris and the filtered liquid or gas passes through the outlet. This type of housing is very easy to clean and maintain. It is also the suggested choice when the purification of the liquid or gas is a top priority.

Bag Housings

Bag housings support industrial grade bag filters through the filtration process. This filtration housing type has one of the most affordable equipment investments. Industries use this housing type in many different applications, much like cartridge housings, though they are a little less versatile. However, bag filter systems are usually more cost effective overall than cartridge housings. Currently, we offer models that can hold up to 36 filter bags, depending on the type that you choose. From automotive to pharmaceutical, bag filter housings are depended upon in many different industries. Bag housings hold bag filters which attach to a ring at the opening of the housing. As the water comes in and flows through the small holes in the bag, it leaves any larger solids or debris behind. This system of filtration is also one of the best for high flow rate. Bag housings help to keep the flow moving for longer than other types of housing systems. By understanding the differences between bag housings and cartridge housings, the success rate for filtration systems go up. Both housing types serve a similar purpose: to aid in the removal of debris of all sizes from liquid or gas. While they are used in similar capacities, their differences are what determines the places that they will be most successful. Always make sure to establish filtration needs and priorities before deciding between bag housings and cartridge housings. Ready to buy? Check out our easy-to-use Price Quote Form to get an estimate on pricing now! If you have any questions about bag housings or cartridge housings, please contact us!


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